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SETT 2014


SETT 2014 was one of the best yet! Thank you to all of the sponsors and players who supported last year's event.


 2014 SETT Results


Tournament Photos

2014 Sponsors


Fleaux Services

FM Sales

Spanoil Exploration

Texla Energy Management, Inc


Grand Slam

Baldwin Madden Energy , LLC

Cobblestone Investments, LLC

Hargrove Smelley, Strickland & Langley

McCary's Jewelers

Raptor Energy Services

The Lees-Monsour Group at Stephens, Inc. 

Brammer Engineering

C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates

JC Fodale Energy Services

O'Brien Energy Company

The King Poljak Group at Morgan Stanley


Super Star

Bradley Broussard Land Servcies

Clark Jewelers

Dethloff & Associates, Inc.

FR Fuels

Family of Jerry Sawyer


Philips Energy Partners, LLC
Triple L Oil


Friends of SETT

Bear Creek Services

Scout Services

Come On Dawg

River City Grille

Regency Energy Partners

T.S.C. Oil & Gas, Inc.


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