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2023 Tournament Rules And Information

Match play rules cannot be waived by players!


  1. All players must register prior to playing or be subject to forfeiture of matches and eligibility.

  2. Draw sheets will be posted by 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 26th. The draw will be posted near the tournament desk for the duration of the tournament. Individual participants are responsible for checking out the court assignments and time of match.

  3. The registration table for match check-in will be located at the tournament desk. Please REPORT IN at least 15 MINUTES before your scheduled match. Court assignments will be made at that time if possible. If either player arrives more than 15 MINUTES LATE, the team WILL FORFEIT its match.  The phone number of the tournament desk is (318) 865-4625, or contact Grady Wilson, the Club Manager, at (318) 332-1097.

  4. The winning team in all matches will be responsible for turning in scores and returning balls to the tournament desk within 10 minutes after completion of the match.

  5. If an injury occurs during first round, you must default match. Tournament Committee will provide a substitute for second and subsequent rounds. If injury occurs after the first round, we will provide a substitute for playing the remaining rounds but you will become ineligible for a trophy.

  6. All matches will be the best 2 out of 3 sets, with no ad scoring, and with a 10-point tie-breaker for the third set in the event of split sets. A 7-point tie-breaker will be played at 6 games all in either of the first two sets. (Number of entries could necessitate changing the scoring format; therefore, please check with the tournament desk to verify scoring for each match.) Warm up will be limited to 10 minutes.

  7. Times set for all finals matches will be firm and cannot be changed.

  8. In the unlikely event of rain, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to alter the tournament format.

  9. This is a social tournament. There will be no provisions for a line judge.

  10. Coaching, score keeping and line calling by spectators is prohibited.

  11. SETT is an adult function. PLEASE, NO CHILDREN.

  12. SETT is an invitational and social tournament. Inappropriate behavior by any participant will exclude the participant from invitation to future tournaments.

  13. HAVE FUN!

Sportsmanship And Fair Play

Policies to be used in governing pairings and division placement:

  1. All players must register prior to playing or be subject to forfeiture of matches and eligibility.

  2. Previous year winners of all divisions except the Men’s Championship Division and Ladies Championship Division will be advanced to the next highest division.

  3. Exception to rule (2) above, should a winning team change partners, the new team(s) will be allowed to play in the same division. Exception to this rule will be, should a team or player become a finalist twice in one division, then this team or player will be advanced to the next highest division.

  4. Should a team or player advance to the next highest division and fail to win a prize, then the following year that team or player can return and play in their previous division.

  5. Should a team win the Men’s Championship Division or Ladies Championship Division two years in succession, they will be required to change partners the following year.

These polices are to ensure fairness to all participants while maintaining the friendly and competitive atmosphere that SETT has always enjoyed.

Tiebreak Rules

  1. Head-to-head.

  2. Highest percentage of sets won of all sets played.

  3. Head-to-head involving the players of who remain tied.

  4. Highest percentage of games won of all games played.

  5. Head-to-head involving the players of who remain tied.

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