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SETT Pickleball


We are excited to announce the inaugural SETT Pickleball Tournament sponsored by Performance Operating Partners. All 2023 SETT participants, including guests of participants, are eligible to enter. 


  • $20 entry fee per team

  • Must sign up by 8:30 PM, October 25 (Wednesday night prior to SETT)

  • Single elimination

  • Matches start Friday; Final 4 teams will play matches on Sunday

  • Doubles - Teams may be mixed, men’s and/or women’s  

  • Winning team awarded cash prize at the end of SETT

The tournament will be organized and run by its sponsor, Performance Operating Partn

For anyone wishing to enter, please send an email to Will Stanley at with the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of each team member.

A confirmation email will be provided shortly after. A second email will be provided after the registration period ends with each team’s first-round match information. There will be a tent located next to the pickleball courts where the sponsor will be on site with the tournament bracket, information, and refreshments for participants and viewers.

Entry fees are to be made in cash at the sponsor tent prior to each team’s first pickleball match.

Match schedules will be catered to occur between tennis matches, ideally between 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Of course, matches will be allowed before or after the ideal time window. Please be advised, while the sponsor will make every effort to coordinate with the participants to ensure the pickleball matches do not conflict with tennis matches, scheduling responsibilities will ultimately rest with the participants.
We are excited to add this fun activity for the enjoyment of SETT participants and guests between tennis matches.

Please direct all inquiries to Will Stanley at

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